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Payroll Services Spain

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When international aspects need to be taken into account, we are the payroll expert in Spain.

Labour contracts and incentives

From the moment your idea arises to take on an employee, we will manage with you every step of the way. We are accustomed to draw up employment contracts remotely, and to register both resident and non-resident employees.

International perspective

We are familiar with the differences between Spain and other countries, and we explain this to you in the clearest possible way. We know about clauses that may apply in other countries, but are facing a different regulation in Spain.

And of course we know how to deal with powers of attorney to reduce liability risks.


Our payroll department is arranged in such a way that you have absolutely nothing to worry about: pay slips, premium payments, tax payments, mandatory forms, annual statements, journal entries for accounting, etc.

We also carry out redundancy procedures (that is also part of doing business). If the authorized people are abroad, we supervise the whole process, ensuring the intrests of our clients.

We take care of everything for you.


We dispose of a portal for your employees. Employees will appreciate this.

We just want to give the very best services to your very best (all!) people. 

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