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Faster Better Harder

“If you want to conquer the Spanish market or -why not- the whole world, then read this and contact us.”

Warning: if you are looking for a traditional accounting firm or tax advisor that sells hours and delivers expensive reports that serve to light the fireplace, then you might better stop reading.


With us you will be able to start your business between 2 and 4 weeks faster than with any other local firm. 

Where others -with respect- wonder what documentation they need to incorporate your company in Spain, we have already sent you a proposal with clear & clever information, steps to take, documentation we need, a fixed fee -not per hour- including all costs and a check list with requirements for your business name in Spain.


Our people work 100% for foreign companies with interest in Spain.

Where others -again with respect- dedicate between 80% and 99% to local clients. For us helping your company in Spain is not something extra, it is our core business, it is our DNA.

Modern advisors don’t sell but share:

The result is that the advices and information your company needs we have already available (because as we know the questions, we have the answers already prepared and documented). This information and these answers are not based on what we think after studing this for the first time for a high fee per hour, but are based on experience and the best knowledge of the market. We will share our knowledge with you for free

And because as we have better information which we can deliver (share) faster, we are a better international quality partner in Spain for your company than any other local firm.

Because of this you will have a better start and a better business in Spain than your competitors.


Faster + Better = Harder

With us you will have less risks, better contacts, better contracts, better understandings of differences between your country and Spain and you will be better informed. 

You will grow harder and you will have more profit.

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To understand clients and to give a good advice, you have to be able to think ‘out of the box’. Inspiration can come from everywere!

Our ‘Better Faster Harder’ philosophy is an example of this. It is just based on the title of one of the greatest hits from Daft Punk. See here the link to the song Better Faster Harder form Daft Punk on YouTube.

Would you like more information about our mission, vision, strategy and goals? We are more than happy to inform you about these very interesting subjects.

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