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Compliance Spain

We ensure that foreign companies, financial and government institutions meet their obligations in Spain. We inform proactively and take on the necessary implementation work.

We can act as your fiscal representative towards the Spanish tax authorities and take care of the legal secretariat of your Spanish subsidiary. This in addition to other basic obligations as carrying out the bookkeeping according to Spanish regulations, the obligations towards employees and customers, preparing and filing tax returns, compiling and filing the financial statements and managing the special reports for the Spanish authorities.

Focus on what you do best, we will do the rest

Several economic sectors are subject to additional requirements. We map out the Spanish situation in order to compare it to the obligations in the country of origin in such a way the organization can be adjusted to it.

Our goal is to take on this task so you can focus worry free on your main objective: entering the Spanish market succesfully.

Our slogan is: Focus on what you do best, we will do the rest!

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